A great new feature that’s absolutely huge for PPO users

Custom Entities Blog ImageGood things happen in 3’s…..

Ever come across one of those new features that are insignificant for the developers but colossal for users? Well, this week’s new feature is exactly one of those…

We’re excited to announce PPO’s addition of three more custom entities, designed to give you all you need and more to successfully manage projects in a single place. Not only does PPO offer you standard pre-configured entities that you can start using right away, it also provides you with “empty” custom entities that can easily be configured to meet a specific need.

It’s all about consolidation

Far too many projects suffer from storing data in various places and with our latest feature  projects can handle more of your unique project data and reporting requirements.

Some examples of how custom entities can be used are:

  • Dependencies – need to show those things which could impact a project e.g. completion of other projects or events that must be completed before another can start?
  • Stakeholders – want to record a list of the project stakeholders, specifying the influence and impact or the role they will play during the life span of their project?

Take advantage of the capabilities of the exclusive functionality found on PPO entities:

  • Upload and link any kind of file like images and PDFs to entities
  • Immediate reporting available for new entities

For more on custom entities, access the FAQ:

Feel free to contact your success manager to discuss specific use cases of this great new feature, we can’t wait for you to try it!

We’ve got a bunch of great ideas in the pipeline that we know our users will enjoy using on a daily basis so follow our Product News blog to keep an eye out for future announcements.

Author: Tarryn-Leigh Frans

Tarryn-Leigh is the Marketing Manager at PPO. She is enthusiastic about business improvement and is keen to share information and influence change. In her free time, she loves traveling, reading, and spending time with her husband and dogs.

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