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Export your PPO lists in one click

Ever wanted the information on your list page to be quickly exported into a CSV format? Now you can with PPO’s new Export Button on all list pages in PPO. In the past, users would navigate to the Reports Menu and extract a Detail report for the applicable entity. With less clicks, users now have the flexibility to export your current list page into a CSV formatted file.

New Season, New Improvements

We’ve been working hard in the last couple of months to make PPO easier and simpler to use for our users. Several the improvements we’ve made have come directly from ideas that you, our administrators, have logged on our community portal, so thank you, and please keep logging your ideas to make PPO better.

Automated Report Scheduling now available to PPO Admins

Scheduling report mailers is a feature that has been around for a couple of years now. I’ll assume for just a minute that not everyone is aware of this time-saving feature. This feature automates the scheduling of existing PPO reports or dashboards to a specified list of users at a defined frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

Build your own Reports and Dashboards with the launch of PPO’s BI API

Today, we take a giant leap forward with the introduction of this highly anticipated feature. We’re launching the PPO Business Intelligence (BI) API, making it possible for you to build your own reports and dashboards by easily connecting your PPO data to your BI reporting tool of choice.

What’s new in PPO: interactive Gantt views, improved filter controls and more


The improved filtering, column drag and drop on list pages and the interactive Gantt view marks the introduction of the first PPO widget. It’s the start of a fundamental shift away from the silo approach of working in PPO and with the move to more widgets in the upcoming months, you can expect more integrated and customisable views.

Save time setting up shared filters

If you’re a Project Portfolio Office (PPO) Administrator and your super power is saving time, then you’re in luck with this latest feature. Ever created a personal filter but intended for it be a shared filter? Or tested report results with various filters only to have to re-create them once you’re done?

What PPO users should know about Microsoft’s retirement of Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) is in the final stretch of its life. As of 15th of June 2022, Microsoft will stop supporting the browser. So what does this mean? Microsoft will redirect users from the IE11 desktop application to Microsoft Edge and ultimately disabled via a future Windows Update. The web browser will also no … Continue reading "What PPO users should know about Microsoft’s retirement of Internet Explorer"

Complete your timesheet faster with the use of Toggles

We take great pride in PPO’s ease of use and our latest enhancement puts the spotlight on the Time Entries functionality. Completing timesheets is a key feature used by a large number of our clients, but let’s be honest, who enjoys completing a timesheet?