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  • What is your PMO’s #1 Project this Year?

    What is your PMO’s #1 Project this Year?I returned from the UK on Friday 13 March and self isolated until my negative COVID-19 test results came through on Wednesday 18 March. We closed the Project Portfolio Offices offices on that day, moved all staff to work remotely and officially stopped all face to face engagements on Friday 20 March. It’s thus been ... Read more
  • Bye bye action icons, hello action buttons and menus

    Bye bye action icons, hello action buttons and menusHot on the heels of our fancy new filter control on list pages, we are pleased to introduce our latest change. PPO is saying goodbye to the action icons and replacing them with action buttons and action menus. Read more
  • New powerful filter control for PPO

    New powerful filter control for PPOWe are thrilled to unveil the latest enhancement to the PPO user interface which we believe is the best yet! All lists / tables in PPO now have a single, powerful filter control which replaces the previous list criteria dropdown boxes. Read more

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