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  • Make Every Project Meeting Count

    project meetingSome people like to hold project meetings just to hold meetings. They control people's time for an hour or two and it somehow makes them feel more important. It must be a control thing. It's not for me...I like productivity. Just today I got a call about a potential meeting next Tuesday from noon to ... Read more
  • Why forecasts in PPO are important for project cost management

    cost managementA recent discovery was to realise that many project managers – some of which work for me – underestimate the importance of an “estimate to complete” which is key to project cost management . Having worked with senior project executives across various industries, they all have one thing in common, and that is the concern ... Read more
  • 15 principles that made Agile not so fragile for the PPO DevOps team

    Project Portfolio Office’s DevOps team has made an almost natural progression towards Agile throughout the years. When the PPO tool was introduced in 2004, the waterfall model was the order of the day. PPO had ample scope to grow as a product and the projects we undertook were mostly large feature sets that took weeks, ... Read more

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