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  • Introducing custom list weightings

    custom list enhancementPPO has introduced a new "weighting" attribute on custom list items. By default the value is zero, but you can set this to any numerical value with up to five decimals of precision. You may however be asking yourself "But what can I use it for?" The answer is that it can be used in ... Read more
  • Is there really a way to address resource allocation, planning & utilisation?

    resource allocationEvery day at Project Portfolio Office (PPO) we have the pleasure of working with organisations that use a variety of methodologies and tools, and that cover almost all industries and sectors. The one common factor amongst all of these organisations is that they have committed to moving their businesses forward by embracing project management. Some ... Read more
  • 4 Secrets to the Best Project Plan Possible

    project scheduleStatement of work.  Project budget.  Project resource plan.  Project charter.  Project communication plan.  Project schedule.  Project test plan.  Project implementation plan.  Technical project documents like the functional design document and technical design document.  All of these are put in place just to make the project manager’s life very complicated.  That isn’t true, of course, but ... Read more

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