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  • Our brand new login page

    PPO Login ScreenWe hope that you love our new login page as much as we do!  There is actually more to it than meets the eye and it showcases a lot of the changes that you will start seeing elsewhere in PPO. Side banner The most obvious change is the introduction of a side banner which allows ... Read more
  • I hate horizontal scroll bars!

    One of my pet peeves is when I have to scroll from left to right in order to see all the columns on my home page or on a list page. Vertical scrolling on the other hand is usually not a problem since today most of us use a mouse with a scroll wheel which ... Read more
  • Lots of changes!

    When we announced our official launch of the PPO ‘User Interface (UI) Facelift’ project, we shared a few details on what users can expect. Today the first of those changes are available! We’ve rolled out multiple changes to the PPO user interface, which we hope you'll agree not only looks nicer, but also makes PPO ... Read more

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