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  • What Is a Project?

    What Is a Project?
    With the growth and change in different work management practices such as a more agile approach to delivery, lean management and even hybrid or flexible working models, locations, and hours, the definition of what is or not a project is something that our clients ask us all the time.
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  • Save time setting up shared filters

    Save time setting up shared filters
    If you’re a Project Portfolio Office (PPO) Administrator and your super power is saving time, then you’re in luck with this latest feature. Ever created a personal filter but intended for it be a shared filter? Or tested report results with various filters only to have to re-create them once you’re done?
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  • Programme vs Parent Project – Which to Use for My Portfolio?

    Programme vs Parent Project – Which to Use for My Portfolio?
    One question that comes up regularly from programme and project managers is “How do I group my related projects and programmes in PPO?” The answer depends on what you want to achieve by grouping them.
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