Category: Product News

Clean up your custom lists by retiring items you no longer want to use

In PPO, you’ve always had the ability to delete items from a custom list, but we’ve found that administrators were hesitant to delete the items due to the impacts that it could have on the underlying data, both current and historical data. We have now introduced the ability to mark custom list items as inactive, to avoid some of the pitfalls of the delete option.

Filtering on empty fields now available!

Identifying and plugging data gaps has never been this easy! As we all know, complete and accurate data is essential for effective management of your portfolio of projects and is crucial for generating reliable reporting.

Introducing the My Links widget!

As users spend more and more time in PPO, we’ve seen the need to provide you with quick access to links from your new Configurable Home Pages, so today we’re rolling our new newest widget, the My Links Widget.

Exploring our Newest Feature: Automated Budget using Resource Allocations

We get that for the project manager, understanding and managing project costs (including resource costs) is crucial for effective project planning and tracking. So today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the automated workflow that will save you precious time and eliminate manual inputs for generating your resource budgets.

Introducing Interactivity to our Boards!

We’ve now made using the board so much easier by providing you the ability to edit the data on the cards without having to go to a new page, and YES, you guessed it, drag & drop of the cards!

Clear related feed items with a single click

You’re probably already familiar with how quickly your feed can fill up in PPO. Like when you’ve just returned from a long but well- deserved break or when you’ve already clicked the first notification and caught up on the related comments and replies. With our new “Mark All Related as Read ” feature, you can quickly reduce the items that are filling up your PPO feed.

Say Hello to the New Customisable Home Page

After months of hard work, we’re delighted to unveil PPO’s customisable home page! Until now, all information on your Home Page was displayed in tables only. It’s time to say goodbye to lists and tables and hello to a new visualised view of your portfolio, project and project related items.

Recap of the Customisable Home Page Product Webinar

In our final new feature webinar for 2023, the configurable home page, multiple filter selection and BI API enhancements were showcased. If you couldn’t make it to the live webinar, well, the good news is that we recorded the session, so you can still take advantage of everything we learned!