Category: Product News

Dashboards Receive a Major Upgrade

Today we have deployed the new PPO dashboards with an improved chart component which now includes new graph types (activity, gullet and gauge graphs) and support for drill down, click throughs, zoom and much much more…

Simplifying Task Imports and Supporting Mac & Google Sheet Users

Over time however we saw more and more users moving away from complex scheduling tools like MSP and thus we allowed users to make use of an Excel template to create simple project plans and import this into PPO. Today we are releasing a new template for Google Sheet users and a dramatically simplified Excel template that can be used by both Window and Apple users in a much simpler way.

Introducing Board Views: A new PPO feature in data visualisation

Today we are excited to announce the launch of another great feature, Board Views. This innovative addition to PPO will transform the way users interact with and visualise their data, offering a seamless and dynamic experience that empowers organisations to make more informed decisions.

Quickly check when items were Last Updated!

We recently deployed the ability to use date fields for filtering on list pages in PPO by using various pre-defined date filters. We have now further enhanced this feature to allow the ability for you to see when last something was updated in PPO by using the Last Updated date field!

Share your lists & stand a chance to win!

Send us a video, screen shot and/or description of how you’re using “My Lists” in PPO to and stand a chance to win a voucher and treat yourself to an item in one of your “Wish Lists”!

Even the small enhancements have huge impact!

We’ve made a number of huge enhancements over the past few months (Copy from Entity View, Send to Feed Business Rule, Calendar, My Lists & Bar Chart Widgets) but we’ve also released a few smaller enhancements this month that you might’ve missed! These enhancements (while small), we know will help to improve your user experience.

Filtering on date fields made easy!

Filtering on date fields has been made easier by enhancing the filtering functionality on list pages to allow you to select various pre-defined date filters. Gone are the struggles of building your own filters to see which projects were logged in the last week or which benefits are planned for realisation this month.

Save time by copying and editing your widgets!

Have you ever wanted to edit a widget without having to re-create it from scratch? Have you had the need to create a chart widget based on an existing one but using different fields, then realising you can’t copy widgets? Well, PPO now has you covered!