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Maturity Assessment

PPO offers a PPM maturity assessment that can help you to assess and benchmark your organisation’s current project management capability against a set of leading practices. This will help you to gain insight into key stakeholder’s needs and expectations, identify strengths and weaknesses and develop a practical, time-framed improvement roadmap that will deliver the greatest value to your organisation.

“The longer you leave a project office health check, the longer you could be investing time and energy into areas that may not be adding value. 

Ian Duffy, Director of Strategic Projects and Change

University of Sussex

Sussex Projects,  the central enterprise function for the selection, prioritisation and control of all projects and programmes at leading UK research-intensive university with over 18,500 students and 3,490 staff members validates their current maturity level assessment and gains a prioritised roadmap to improved organisational capability one year after its formation.

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