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Why you might not be ready to implement PPM software

In this blog post, we’ll explore five signs that indicate your business might not be ready to implement PPM software. By identifying these signs early on, you can avoid potential pitfalls and ensure that your transition to PPM software is smooth and successful.

Digitising Project Outputs

While some Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools automate some of the required project and portfolio status report, when we developed PPO we automated a number of the key project management documents that an organisation would mandate their project managers to complete.

Harmony PMO automates Project Manager Scorecards with PPO

Project management offices (PMOs) often face the difficulty of having no real, objective way to measure the performance of their project managers. Harmony is not alone in experiencing this challenge but has succeeded in streamlining its performance management information gathering process, while also providing clearer direction for its project managers and administrators.

Central Bank of Lesotho crowned as first local PMO of the Year winner

The project management office (PMO) of the Central Bank of Lesotho (CBL), a statutory organisation fully owned by the Government of Lesotho, yet which enjoys relative independence in formulating and implementing monetary policy, has been named as first-ever PMO of the Year for the country.

Things to consider when introducing Timesheets

It’s common practice for the project management office (PMO) to be tasked with introducing timesheets for the organisation’s projects. Irrespective of why timesheets are required, we’ve put together a few things for the PMO to consider.

Three common mistakes in strategy execution (and how to avoid them)

Effective project portfolio management (PPM) practices are crucial to survival for organisations faced with an uncertain economic and political climate. South African strategy executive, Leabetswe Bomvana looks at three common mistakes many businesses make when it comes to the execution of strategy, making her recommendations on how to overcome these.

Getting to grips with benefits management and delivery within the PMO

Despite the best efforts of many project management offices (PMOs), most are still struggling to get benefits management and delivery – a crucial part of ensuring that the business sees a return on its investment – successfully in place. Benefits management remains an elusive goal for many PMOs.

Lessons from Montserrat: A PMO in the shadow of volcanoes

Martin Parlett, Head of the PMO for the government of Montserrat, a Caribbean island, recently shared his ‘Lessons in Focus’ for project management offices (PMOs), highlighting that, wherever they may be based, and whatever they may be trying to achieve, the challenges for PMOs across the globe are common.

Taking ownership of your PMO career

The world of the project management office (PMO) has changed dramatically, shifting away from the PMO having an administrative or support role only towards adding real business value. This evolution has been similarly reflected in the career opportunities available within the PMO space.