Version 1.5 – May 2006 Successfully Deployed!

Version 1.5 has been released and deployed to all PPO instances.  This version includes various enhancements which will improve your user experience which is what we are constantly striving for!

Version 1.5 May 2006

Customize list pages – All list pages (e.g. Issue list, Project list, etc.) can now be customized to show those columns that are appropriate for your site. For further information, refer to the on-line help under Data Fields in the Administration section (

Adding of e-mail events – The functionality in respect of adding e-mail events has been changed slightly in order to make it more intuitive. Previously after adding a new e-mail event, the user was redirected to the event list page and then had to edit the event to select which data fields and recipients need to be included.  This has now been changed so that is done as a single step process.

Changing of configuration settings – All configurations are now stored in the registry and can be edited through the web front-end by going to Administration>>Configuration (

Tooltips – Tooltips have been added to all edit and view pages. When “hovering” over a field label, the description associated with that field will pop up as a tooltip (

Application version check – A check is now performed to ensure that the application version number is in sync with the database version number.

E-mail to new users – When a new user is added to the system, an e-mail message is sent out automatically to the user, providing a URL to the application, as well as details such as the user’s username and password (

Deleting of filters – Global and personal filters can now be deleted from the filter edit page (

Custom lists – Custom list have now been made free-standing, which allows them to be re-used across various entities. You can for example create a custom list for “Provinces” and add it as a custom list to both the project and the employee entities (

Field categories – In previous versions, the category associated with a field was a free entry text box, which made adding a field to an existing category cumbersome. This has now been changed to a drop-down with the ability to add additional categories through a dialog box (

Change of LAC layout – In previous versions, all the LAC functions, menus, reports and dashboards were placed underneath each other, which made it difficult to assign access to the correct LAC. The layout of the page has been changed to make it more apparent which LAC is being changed.

Scope change view page – The scope change number and project has been added to the scope change view page (

Adding user group made more efficient – The adding of a user group has been made similar to the user group edit page. Instead of submitting the page to be able to set the LAC’s, the LAC’s are viewable on the initial user group edit page so that on the submit both the user group and its relevant LAC’s can be saved with one submit

Logical Access Control sorting – Have added the functionality to be able to sort the four LAC sections by their column headings.

Add project dropdown on Add pages – In order to make it easier to add items (issues, documents, tasks, etc) it is now no longer necessary to first select the project on the list page before adding the item. It can be selected directly on the Add page itself.

Finance Data Report – The ‘Other description’ cost field has been added to the detailed version of the Finance Data Report.

Issue reporting – Additional issue reporting functionality has been incorporated

Performance of list pages – Several changes were made to improve the performance of the list pages, including changes that reduce the amount of network traffic for very large lists.

Data field and custom list reports – Two additional reports have been added to assist in the configuration of the application.  The Data Fields Report provides details of all the fields as currently configured, while the Custom Lists Report provides detail of all the custom lists and the individual custom list items that have been defined in the application (

Improvements to the Field Edit page – The functioning of the Field Edit page has been simplified by only showing the field length textbox for those field types that require it (

Additional delete functionality – All project related items can now be deleted, including comment, issues, risk, etc.

Enhanced error handling – Error handling has been improved throughout the application.

Task import wizard improvements – A configuration setting has been added, which allows additional MS Project fields to be mapped to PPO fields for use on the Task Import Wizard. Any additional fields that have been mapped will appear on the Task Import Wizard mapping page (Step 1). Currently, it is only supported for text, date, numeric and percentage fields (

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Author: Jimmy Hekma

Jimmy is one of the founders of Project Portfolio Office and is the companies Chief Technology Officer and heads up the Product Management team.

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