PPO adds Bidvest Bank to its impressive list of new clients.

Bidvest Bank is not just a leader in the foreign exchange services but is a fully fledged niche bank, serving businesses, individuals and corporations. As a subsidiary of the Bidvest Group Limited, their clients have the backing of an international trading services JSE-listed company which operates in three continents. Bidvest Bank specialises in responsible money management and believes in strong and consistent project delivery.

In line with the focus on improving delivery, the IT Department within Bidvest bank was in need of a simple, but effective project portfolio management application to formalise the way in which they raise, implement and control projects. With the implementation of Project Portfolio Office (PPO), a real-time overview of all their IT projects is possible. The project office has the power to prioritise according to feasibility, track and improve project governance and reduce the time spent on producing manual project reporting.

We are proud to have Bidvest Bank on board and we look forward to making Your Projects Our Business! We hope that our flexible and easy to use project collaboration tool will assist them to achieving improved project visibility.

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