In-App Notifications in PPO: 2.0

If you didn’t know already, you currently have the ability to send In-App notifications on PPO. Some time ago we launched our Notices and Alerts in PPO which allowed administrators to easily communicate to users and keep them in the loop. BUT… the problem was that not all notifications are applicable to all users and sometimes you need to notify only specific user groups.

Today we’re releasing a newer version of Notifications in PPO which we are calling In-App Notifications 2.0!

Not sure why this is great?

Let’s look at why this new feature excites us. Say for instance Project Managers need to be notified to update their Project Manager Dashboard in time for the monthly meeting with the big wigs, or project team members need to be made aware of the deadline for submitting weekly timesheets. Now, with User Group Specific Notifications, you can send notifications to all project managers, just the project managers in a specific region or the entire user base at once, regardless of how many user groups you have.

In-App Notifications 2.0 update is immediately available to all clients so the next time some big news comes your way, why not give this new feature a go. You won’t be disappointed! It’s as easy as accessing the notifications icon from within the Administration menu; scheduling your announcements and there you have it!

Access our Knowledge Base here to learn more. Or just watch the video here.

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