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We hope that by now you’ve said farewell to your written “to-dos” and automated your lists using the “My List” widget in PPO. And if you haven’t yet, we’ve got an awesome incentive to get you started. We’re looking for the most creative “List” in PPO, anything from “My Items for Review”, “Items Due This Month” to “Get the PM off my back List”. Send us a video, screen shot and/or description of how you’re using “My Lists” in PPO to and stand a chance to win a voucher and treat yourself to an item in one of your “Wish Lists”! 

You might say that you’ve got everything written down and it’s under control but just because you’ve written your to-dos down doesn’t mean your to-do list is actually useful. The benefits of the “My List” Widget in PPO include: 

  • It’s impossible to lose – Unlike a handwritten to-do list or even the “Notes” app on your computer, you can’t “lose” your list in PPO through the famous coffee spill or an accidental PC shutdown. You’ll always have access to the list via your Home Page—whether on your personal computer or mobile device. 
  • Get notifications via your personalised feed – Enable notifications for your entire list or specific items in your list. This will activate alerts for any updates to the items in your lists via your personalised feed. 
  • You’ve got all the context you need – It’s happened more than once where I jot down a cryptic note that makes perfect sense at the time, but in a day or two makes no sense at all. Those two or three words aren’t enough to figure out what exactly needs to be done. Using the “My List” widget, you can drill-through to the specific item for the title, description, and due date if applicable. The added benefit of Conversations in PPO will also give you access to the informal discussions, attachments and images giving you all the context you’ll ever need. 

You don’t really want to use multiple apps or track your lists in isolation, and of course we think PPO is the best way to consolidate and keep track of all your project related work. We hope the benefits listed above will prompt you to get organised, reduce inefficiencies and bring visibility to all your “to-dos”. Don’t forget to send us your lists to before Friday, 8th September and join the new feature product webinar where the winner of the “Most Creative List” in PPO will be announced. 

Author: Tarryn-Leigh Frans

Tarryn-Leigh is the Marketing Manager at PPO. She is enthusiastic about business improvement and is keen to share information and influence change. In her free time, she loves traveling, reading, and spending time with her husband and dogs.

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