Working with the “My Lists” Widget!

The My List widget is a new widget visible from the Home Page. It allows users to create their own lists to keep track of priority items or simply a way to keep focus items in a single list which can be added  directly from the Home Page. There is no limit to the number of lists or the number of list items. A list can include items from a single entity or various entities e.g. A “To Do List” can include a task, a issue and 3 work items. 

You’re familiar with the tables on your home page that show the sections for My Projects (projects where you’re the sponsor, owner or manager) and the project related items (Risks, Issues, Tasks) that you’ve been assigned as the owner, but the My List widget gives the added flexibility to manage these items based on what you know you need to focus on! 

Default View 

All users will see the My List Widget on their home page and will have a list named Favourites pre-loaded for you!   

Adding Lists 

You can place any entity items into your Favourites list, rename your list, add more lists and decide whether you want notifications for items in your list.  To add your list, click on Add icon, name your list and save the changes!

Adding items to a List 

Adding items to your list is as easy as clicking on the new “Save to List” icon on View pages. 

Notifications via your personalised feed 

You can set the notifications for items or lists to be notified when something in your list changes.

What More Can You Do 
  • You can easily add or remove items from a list. 
  • You can add as many lists as you need, to keep things organised. 
  • Sort items in your list using drag and drop. 

Watch the short video to see how easy it is to create and manage your lists in PPO! 

For now, the My List Widget is visible at the top of your home page and to the right of Calendar Widget. But with the soon to be launched configurable home page, the placement of these widgets will be in your hands! 

We do our very best to make PPO better every day, so we’d love to hear your feedback on these latest enhancements. 

Don’t forget to let us know if you have any other product enhancement ideas! Drop us an email or log an idea on our community portal please. More importantly, keep up to date with all our new product information by subscribing to our blog. 

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Author: Lindi Gerber

Lindi, as the Support Manager at PPO, is the heartbeat of the PPO support desk and the sensei to her support ninjas. Lindi loves spending time with her family, catching up on series, shopping , and she is a true wine aficionado.

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