Author: Lindi Gerber

Lindi, as the Support Manager at PPO, is the heartbeat of the PPO support desk and the sensei to her support ninjas. Lindi loves spending time with her family, catching up on series, shopping , and she is a true wine aficionado.

Introducing color coded styling for upcoming and overdue dates

We’re thrilled to announce our latest product feature which allows you to apply Color Styling to date fields to highlight whether an item is overdue or due within the next 7 days! This new feature brings visual clarity and efficiency to your project planning and tracking.

Clean up your custom lists by retiring items you no longer want to use

In PPO, you’ve always had the ability to delete items from a custom list, but we’ve found that administrators were hesitant to delete the items due to the impacts that it could have on the underlying data, both current and historical data. We have now introduced the ability to mark custom list items as inactive, to avoid some of the pitfalls of the delete option.

Filtering on empty fields now available!

Identifying and plugging data gaps has never been this easy! As we all know, complete and accurate data is essential for effective management of your portfolio of projects and is crucial for generating reliable reporting.

Introducing the My Links widget!

As users spend more and more time in PPO, we’ve seen the need to provide you with quick access to links from your new Configurable Home Pages, so today we’re rolling our new newest widget, the My Links Widget.

Introducing Interactivity to our Boards!

We’ve now made using the board so much easier by providing you the ability to edit the data on the cards without having to go to a new page, and YES, you guessed it, drag & drop of the cards!

Quickly check when items were Last Updated!

We recently deployed the ability to use date fields for filtering on list pages in PPO by using various pre-defined date filters. We have now further enhanced this feature to allow the ability for you to see when last something was updated in PPO by using the Last Updated date field!

Filtering on date fields made easy!

Filtering on date fields has been made easier by enhancing the filtering functionality on list pages to allow you to select various pre-defined date filters. Gone are the struggles of building your own filters to see which projects were logged in the last week or which benefits are planned for realisation this month.

Save time by copying and editing your widgets!

Have you ever wanted to edit a widget without having to re-create it from scratch? Have you had the need to create a chart widget based on an existing one but using different fields, then realising you can’t copy widgets? Well, PPO now has you covered!

See updates as they happen in PPO

Are you tired of emails? Are you tired of flipping between apps all day? PPO has improved our Feed Widget to allow you to now get your notifications directly in PPO when it happens!