Super six or super fix?

Excellent customer service agents are like superheroes. They use their powers for good, they live by a strong moral code and they have a motivation that has led them to be who they are.

Here at PPO our support team, or the Super Six as we like to call them, are by day mild mannered individuals handling customer support cases, and sometimes by night they are setting the most monstrous customer service situations right.

Providing excellent customer service, going above and beyond, to assist perfect strangers who are counting on them to solve their problems and help them in their time of trouble, need or just because, makes the PPO support team all superheroes. With their ability to listen and problem solving powers, we here at PPO salute our Super Six support team!

No matter what challenges the Super Six face they always assist our customers in productive way. They turn all setbacks into solutions and in their own way they assist the rest of PPO take over the world – how awesome is that…


Meet the Captain of the Super Six team.Lindi-Full

Captain Lindi Marvel is super humanly strong and is able to absorb various types of energy; she can use this energy to temporarily increase her physical strength to levels so high it will blow your mind. She is capable of running and accelerating to high speeds and likes to keep her team on their toes. While channelling the energy she has absorbed, her resilience is extended to an even greater degree. She proves to be capable of surviving and fighting in the vacuum of space, only requiring an air supply to do so. She manages her team with such perfection and delivers the best possible support for all our PPO customers.



More team collaboration means more responsive support for our customers, so no matter when the customer needs help, one of Captain Lindi’s team will go above and beyond to solve any problem.

When in doubt about anything on your PPO Instance, don’t fear as the Super Six team are only a click away! If you are an active PPO user, just click on the support icon on your home page, fill in the form and submit and the Super Six team will assist quick-quick…

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