Slipper Day

Here at Project Portfolio Office there is no doubt that we are a social bunch who like to support initiatives that allow us do fun things. Friday the 2nd of August saw us reaching for our slippers, in what was PPO’s first time in supporting the Slipper Day initiative, certainly not the last though, as the team members thoroughly enjoyed wearing slippers to the office instead of formal shoes or high heels.

The “Reach for Your Slippers” campaign was launched in KZN in 2011 and, having achieved phenomenal success, became a national event in 2012, involving the entire country. Funds raised each year go to making dreams come true for children suffering from life-threatening illnesses like cancer and cystic fibrosis.

Just contributing to Slipper Day was not enough for us, so we added our very own internal competition to the day. The team arrived one by one wearing their most comfortable footwear, some sporting their “old faithfuls”, while others opted for something brand new. The team voted and the winner for the “best pair” went to Lindi, one of our support consultants, for her cute grey owls. The “worst pair” was hands (or feet) down the patterned slippers belonging to Jimmy, one of our directors.

We thought this was a great way to get everyone’s small contribution to make a big difference.
slipper day

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