Three…two…one…Blog BLAST OFF!

As you know, we at Project Portfolio Office are a social bunch – we tweet, we chirp, we connect and now, we have entered the blogosphere. After months of preparation, content writing and reviewing, we finally launched our blog to the world. “Get hooked on Gilly” was the theme of the social media campaign and the office event, and the big fishy-style reveal and comical presentation (with a blog walk-through) was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We showed the content creators all their fantastic posts, and chatted about the eight new blog categories in which the content is divided. Even Gilly the Fish, the only non-human blogger and the creative force behind our fun “Life at PPO” category, made his appearance on top of our cake.



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Author: Gilly Fish

Ailurophobic (fear of cats) synchronised swimmer and PPO office culture observer and correspondent, with a passion for Tweeting.

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