Old Mutual extends the use of PPO within the company.

Founded in 1845, Old Mutual has provided financial services to people and businesses for over 168 years. Old Mutual uses their experience to provide access to a full range of financial services comprising private wealth and asset management and products such as Unit Trusts, Life Insurance, Savings and Employee Benefits.

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Their products provide good value for money to their clients, ranging from large corporate and small enterprises, to a rapidly growing middle class. The company strives at all times to offer responsive and efficient service levels and sound financial advice.

To further improve efficiencies, Old Mutual has extended their use of Project Portfolio Office (PPO) to the Retail Affluent Division (RAF). PPO has been used by numerous other areas within the company with great success. The need to consolidate portfolio information, provide status reports on the programme, portfolio and project level and to ultimately get visibility of their portfolio of projects necessitated the implementation of a simple and easy to use tool.

We look forward to extending and growing the use of our award winning application within the Old Mutual group.

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