Search in PPO just got a whole lot faster!

PPO Improved Search Functionality

The search functionality in PPO has always been one of our most popular features. It easily lets you find items by simply typing in what you are looking for and clicking on the search button. However, if you have thousands of projects and lots of related content, searches could be slow, especially if multiple search terms were specified.

So, to sum it up, we love our search functionality but wish we could speed things up a bit! If you just found yourself nodding in agreement then boy do we have some exciting news for you!

As of today, PPO incorporates our totally revamped, “faster than the speed of light” search engine. What does this mean for you? Well, on average, searches will be approximately 10 X faster while some, more complicated searches, are more than 100 X faster (wow, you’ll have to pinch yourself to make sure it’s real)! As a side benefit, the new search engine removes a lot of load from our servers, resulting in an overall improvement in performance for everyone (no one likes extra baggage).

The new search functionality also incorporates a more sophisticated matching engine as well as improved scoring, which means that the items you are looking for, will more likely be at the top of the search results! Now that’s an impressive search engine.

Why not take the new search engine for a spin – we would love to hear your feedback!

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Author: Tanja Horn

Tanja is the Graphic Designer and Copywriter at PPO. When she isn’t morphing words and pictures to tell stories, she can be found cooking up a storm, exploring nature, or cuddling with her cats and dogs.

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