New time entry enhancements are coming!

Time Entry Enhancement

Based on valuable feedback from you, our awesome users, we are going to be rolling out some tweaks, design changes, and enhancements to time entries over the next several weeks.

So this is just a heads up that you know to look out for these changes. We’re pretty excited about it, but check in periodically and feel free to give us your feedback on whether you love (or dislike) any of the changes that we make!

UPDATE – 13 May 2016
We’ve made the project line more prominent and indented the work items associated to the project, making it easier for you to quickly differentiate between your projects and work items.

UPDATE – 29 JUNE 2016
We’ve rearranged the time entry page by removing the calendar and summary. Information contained in these controls are now incorporated in the history graph, which now have different colours for normal, missing and overtime hours. Navigation to specific weeks just got easier with a clickable history graph.
The date section control has also been changed into a link and clicking on it drops the calendar control down. These changes pave the way for the next round of exciting improvements.

UPDATE – 8 July 2016
You can now add and remove fields on the time entry page! If you’re interested in this functionality go log your support ticket now!

UPDATE – 14 July 2016
Remembering the details of your time sheet is not always easy so we’ve made it easier for you to link to the project and its associated work items by making them clickable!

UPDATE – 29 August 2016
The latest round of changes includes 2 new features! We’ve implemented pinning that allows you to keep recurring items on your time sheet and visibility of notes associated with time entries.

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Author: Tanja Horn

Tanja is the Graphic Designer and Copywriter at PPO. When she isn’t morphing words and pictures to tell stories, she can be found cooking up a storm, exploring nature, or cuddling with her cats and dogs.

4 thoughts on “New time entry enhancements are coming!”

    1. Hi Ivan. We have already rolled out some cosmetic changes to make the time entry page easier on the eyes, including the indentation of items below projects as well as making projects more prominent. We will be rolling out an additional change shortly which will remove some clutter from the page and put us in a better position for other changes that we are considering. Additionally, we are busy looking at a number of the ideas that have been logged by users under the Community section on the Support Portal and considering how we can best address these requirements. As soon as we have anything definite, we will share it here. In the mean time, please feel free to add any specific ideas that you have and we will definitely take it into account.

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