Governance versus ‘Gate Ready’ RAG

‘Why is my governance RAG always RED? I’ve uploaded all the required documents for previous phases in PPO.’

Does this sound familiar, because it does to us here at PPO. Our valued customers have asked (some complained) and we’ve listened.

The current Governance RAG indicator in PPO gives you an indication of whether or not the project is ready to move into the next phase i.e. it reflects the worst case scenario for all documents loaded up to and including the current phase. When the Governance RAG is green, the project is ready to be moved into the next phase.

What it doesn’t do, and what a number of you felt it should do, is provide an accurate reflection of the current portfolio’s alignment to Governance. What does this mean? Instead of looking at and including the current phase of the project (since these documents will be uploaded as the phase progresses), the Governance RAG should only look at previous/completed phases.

What if I liked the existing RAG and what it represented?

Don’t worry all is not lost, our brilliant team of in-house developers think of everything. A new RAG indicator has been added, called the ‘Gate Ready RAG’ which includes the current phase and will show you whether a project is ready to move to the next phase. If you would like to add this indicator to your existing governance reports, please log a support ticket with our ever helpful support desk who will be glad to assist you.

For more information on this feature, click here to view the FAQ.

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