Project Portfolio Office offers maturity assessments to help businesses deliver on strategic objectives

Project portfolio management (PPM) solution provider, Project Portfolio Office, offers a PPM maturity assessment service, aimed at benchmarking an organisation’s current project management competency, and then providing a practical roadmap that will allow both the business and its Project Management Office (PMO) to deliver on strategic objectives, reduce costs, and increase success rates.

“PMOs are able to make a huge contribution to building organisational PPM maturity, but it is important both for a PMO to align more closely to stakeholders’ value expectations, and also for the business to take stock of its current PPM maturity to make this a reality, as we’ve previously unpacked,” says Dalene Grobler, PPM executive consultant at Project Portfolio Office. “In order to achieve these goals and improve organisational project management competency, an evaluation, known as a maturity assessment, of the entire company’s project management system– and not just the PMO – is necessary.

“Maturity assessments should not focus only on processes and compliance, but also consider the competencies and behaviours of the people working within it, the tools and technology that enable it, and the management information used to manage delivery and performance.”

With more than 15 years of experience in helping clients to achieve greater project success, Project Portfolio Office is well-placed to support organisations in selecting the right type of maturity assessment model to best suit their specific needs.

As a registered Axelos Consulting Partner using the P3M3® (Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model), Project Portfolio Office offers two assessment options:

  • A full certification assessment:
    This evaluation is carried out by a Project Portfolio Office consultant, incorporates the development of a limited improvement plan, and could span from three to six weeks.
  • A full diagnostic assessment:
    The full diagnostic offering, which is completed by a Project Portfolio Office consultant, focuses on key areas as selected by the client. This service follows a five-step process that includes: a scope definition of the assessment; planning of the process based on documents and systems to review, interviewees to be selected, and a solid understanding of the business’ objectives; performing the assessment of the defined framework, projects, programmes and portfolios, conducting the interviews, and validating findings; the capturing of the assessment’s outcomes; and the development of a final report with recommendations in the form of a capability improvement roadmap and plan. The process can take up to eight weeks to complete.

“The business world, our organisations and working practices, will not be the same after the COVID-19 pandemic,” Grobler explains. “And this global rethink presents the ideal opportunity for PMOs to reflect on their own performance and current services, ensuring that they continue to add value to the organisation, whatever its ‘new normal’ structure might be, and adapt to its evolving needs into the future.

“The value in Project Portfolio Office’s maturity assessment offering is clear. It will support your organisation in driving more efficient project execution to deliver positive business results in a dynamic environment,” she concludes.

For more information about Project Portfolio Office’s maturity assessment service, please click here.

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