PPO adds one of Poland’s biggest Telecoms company to our growing list of clients!


INEA LogoINEA is the undisputed leader in multimedia services and telecommunications in Wielkopolska and one of the four largest cable networks in Poland. INEA is a world where everything is IN and delivers the best entertainment television and the fastest internet connection in Poland.

INEA needed an easy-to-use, quick to implement and effective project management tool to support the collection of project data in a single repository. Project Portfolio Office (PPO) was selected as the tool of choice to support INEA’s newly developed process for initiative management across the organisation. PPO’s ability to adapt and configure any methodology or process seamlessly allows INEA to manage projects better and monitor process adherence.

PPO is excited about supporting INEA with a simple, easy-to-use online project management solution.

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Author: Ansophie le Roux

Ansophie is the Marketing Mastermind at PPO. When she isn’t thinking outside of the box and pushing marketing boundaries, she is going on adventures through reading, taking on DIY tasks and enjoying the small things in life.

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