Invisible Woman joins the PPO Super Hero Club!

It is not always an easy task to become part of Captain Lindi Marvel’s agents as the standards she set is sometimes quit high. Recently the Captain has introduced, her now full time agent, to the team. Invisible Andisiwe.

Andisiwe-newAs the Invisible Woman, Andisiwe can render herself wholly or partially invisible at will. She can also render other people and even objects invisible affecting the PPO support desk in such away even the Captain sometimes has to look twice. She is the quietest person in the office and she never wastes time making support tickets disappear. She does her job without attracting a lot of attention, so most people forget she is even there. But staying out of the limelight and flying under the radar is just the way she likes to get things done. She is results driven, here to do the impossible with only customer satisfaction on her mind.

Andisiwe has phenomenal experience and ability in the field of support, so don’t fear when the Invisible Women is near!

After months of intensive training and tests, she is now a full time member of the Super Six team. Well done and welcome agent Andisiwe.

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Author: Gilly Fish

Ailurophobic (fear of cats) synchronised swimmer and PPO office culture observer and correspondent, with a passion for Tweeting.

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