Author: Bronwyn Hayden

Uploading Documents are a Drag… Or are they?

Over the years in training sessions with users, one question has been consistently asked when we get to the ins and outs of uploading and maintaining documents in PPO, “Can’t I just drag and drop my documents into PPO?”

Say Hello to Multiple Document Downloads in PPO

PPO’s document entity provides users with the ability to upload documents of any format. This in turn makes collaboration on documents possible and provides the means to track compliance to governance which are both important features for all project environments. It also becomes a safe storage space where you and your project team can access a centralised project document repository from any device.

Deleting Tasks on Import Now Possible!

One of the most valued features of PPO is the ability to import tasks from Microsoft Project (MSP) or Excel into PPO’s task entity with a couple of clicks. This ensures that Project Managers are not expected to give up their favorite planning tools when using PPO, the integration works smoothly, however there has been one drawback – PPO did not delete tasks that have been deleted in Microsoft Project (MSP) or Excel.