PPO Bootcamps: The What, the Why, the How to Get Signed Up!

PPO has always found that well trained users and PPO Administrators get more value out of PPO, and therefore so does the organisation. We are also aware that users and team members come and go in the project environment, so to make sure we don’t have “training-by-broken-telephone”, we have created a series of training Bootcamps at no charge to all existing clients. These Bootcamps are also very valuable to existing users and PPO Administrators as a refresher or to fill in the gaps where they have not had formal end-to-end training on PPO.  In addition, PPO has launched Product Webinars that will zone in on specific functionality to cover PPO best practice and help you optimise its usage.

The bootcamps are delivered virtually and we’ve found that the online training provides maximum benefits for the attendees. It has proven to be an effective time management tool, as employees are able to build skills and professional knowledge whenever it’s most convenient. The biggest benefit is that it gives the attendees the opportunity to practically apply what they’ve learned and interact with users across our extensive client base. Each session is recorded which allows the attendees to store these recordings for future reference.

What Is A PPO Bootcamp?

There are three types of Bootcamps, Administrator, Lifecycle and User.

The PPO Administrator Bootcamp is a series of 10 sessions over 5 weeks. There are 2 sessions a week of 1.5 hours.  These training sessions are aimed at helping the PPO Administrator to learn (and improve on) skills and knowledge of PPO Administration functionality, beyond adding users and re-setting passwords.

The Life Cycle Bootcamp is a series of 4 sessions over 2 weeks. There are 2 sessions a week of 1.5 hours. This course will provide the PPO Administrator with the skills needed to design and implement a Life Cycle on PPO.

The PPO User Bootcamps take place monthly and consists of 2 sessions of 1.5 hours each. The User Bootcamp is designed to support PPO Administrators to get new users up to speed on the basics so that they can use PPO efficiently and effectively. Project environments onboard new resources all the time and we’d like to give our Admins one less thing to worry about by making it easier for users to get up and running quickly.

All PPO Bootcamps are run by our PPO trainers who have a passion for enabling and educating our users but who also work with the system on a daily basis which means that they bring skill and experience to the table. The well thought out curriculum and practical coaching approach will ensure a good learning experience for your Admins and Users, thereby not only upskilling them but also ensuring better adoption of PPO in your organisation.

What Does It Cost?

Zip… Zero… Nada… Nothing! All we ask is that the attendee commits to attend the full duration of the Bootcamp. All sessions must be attended and course completion will only be recognised if 90% of the sessions have been attended. A completion certificate will be issued at the end of the Bootcamp Challenge.

Why is this Important for your Organisation?

Well trained users are better users. When users are more comfortable using a system, they are more likely to adopt it and the processes involved. This means better quality input which results in useful, accurate outputs such as reporting, compliance to governance and more.

The skill and capability of your PPO Administrator has a huge impact on the sustainability of your project environment. The greater the skill, the more stable the environment as your PPO Administrator has the knowledge and expertise to manage user queries and more importantly administer your instance as and how you mature.

After completing the Administrator and Life Cycle Bootcamps, your administrator will be more self-sufficient and enabled to manage and configure PPO as needed without relying too heavily on the Support Desk. It will also mean that you will be able take a critical look at how you could improve your instance for optimal usability and efficiency.

Why do Our Users Love the Bootcamp?

“From doing the Bootcamp, I have already made improvements to our use of PPO – added calculated fields (with help of PPO), added data fields, updated custom lists. It’s been perfect for me starting in my new role. Brilliant teaching. Thank you” Lisa, PPO Administrator.

“Hands on training. Excellent trainer – always patient with us and willing to assist with her knowledge etc.” Shirleen, Super User and PPO Administrator.

 “I really enjoyed working on the exercises because I was able to practice what I had just learned.” Camille, PPO Administrator.

“Training was very helpful, I got to meet other PPO admins.” Lebo, PPO Administrator.

“The collaboration and the facilitator was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful!” Karl, PPO Administrator.

“Discovering all the amazing functionality that the system has to offer and that administrators have access to use. Also the practical exercises were great! 10/10 for Nkhensani for running with this very much needed initiative. As always the PPO team really went the extra mile.” Yvette, Super User and PPO Administrator.

“The excellent training and knowledge, I have enjoyed the interaction and learning how versatile PPO can be.” Jackie, PPO Administrator.

 Get Signed Up?

Our PPO events are listed on our website, click here to register now! If you have any questions, please contact the Support Desk or your PPO Success Manager.

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