Author: Guy Jelley

Guy is one of the founders of PPO and is the company’s CEO. He is very passionate about the Project Management industry, and through this also very driven. Guy is a husband & father of 2, loves jazz, soccer and is a huge Spurs fan.

New Season, New Improvements

We’ve been working hard in the last couple of months to make PPO easier and simpler to use for our users. Several the improvements we’ve made have come directly from ideas that you, our administrators, have logged on our community portal, so thank you, and please keep logging your ideas to make PPO better.

Is there really a way to address resource allocation, planning & utilisation?

resource allocation
Every day at Project Portfolio Office (PPO) we have the pleasure of working with organisations that use a variety of methodologies and tools, and that cover almost all industries and sectors. The one common factor amongst all of these organisations is that they have committed to moving their businesses forward by embracing project management. Some … Continue reading "Is there really a way to address resource allocation, planning & utilisation?"

What Is a Project?

With the growth and change in different work management practices such as a more agile approach to delivery, lean management and even hybrid or flexible working models, locations, and hours, the definition of what is or not a project is something that our clients ask us all the time.

What is your PMO’s #1 Project this Year?


I returned from the UK on Friday 13 March and self isolated until my negative COVID-19 test results came through on Wednesday 18 March. We closed the Project Portfolio Offices offices on that day, moved all staff to work remotely and officially stopped all face to face engagements on Friday 20 March. It’s thus been over two weeks that I’ve been working from home, which has given me the opportunity to eventually share some thoughts on our February 2020 PMO Forum event.

New Feature: Connecting project sponsors with project status information just got easier!

project visbility
Project visibility is almost always listed as a top priority for project sponsors wanting to understand the performance of projects and programmes for which they are responsible.  In my 15 years+ of working with our clients and performing the role of a project sponsor myself, I’ve witnessed many project managers acknowledge that connecting with project … Continue reading "New Feature: Connecting project sponsors with project status information just got easier!"

Building an effective business case for PPM software

PPM Software
There are a number of reasons behind an organisation’s decision to implement Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software. Key motives include a clearer understanding of the number of active projects aligned to the organisation’s strategic objectives in terms of benefit realisation, assessing the prioritisation and sequencing of projects given the company’s capacity, and measuring health and … Continue reading "Building an effective business case for PPM software"