Version 3.3.0 – March 2012 Release!

Version 3.3.0 is now available and includes further benefits for all our clients!  The latest release includes:

Version 3.3.0 March 2012

Performance improvements – Significant changes have been made to improve the loading time of certain pages:

  • The Home and Project view pages are now limited to one hundred items per entity
  • Usability of List pages have been improved especially with large volumes of data
  • Reports now load much faster

Updated charting – A new charting component has been introduced that has an updated look. Within upcoming releases, more charts will be updated to the new look.

Optimisation of detail reports – Improvements have been made to optimise the performance of these reports. Not only will it be generated quicker, but as an added bonus the report is now compressed into a .zip file, when it exceeds 2MB, for a smaller and faster download.

Search “in-progress” indicator – An indicator has been added to the search result page to show that a search is still in progress.

Numeric fields – The Numeric field type has been renamed to Integer to make it more clear that it can only be used for whole numeric values (

Subscription management – Some minor changes have been made to the subscription management pages to logically separate the functionality to different pages (

New skins – Two additional skins have been added for those who prefer either a Blue and Yellow, or a Green and Cream colour scheme (

We look forward to hearing your feedback and providing further benefits for our future planned upgrades!

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Author: Jan Uys

Jan was PPO's first employee and has been with Project Portfolio Office for over 10 years. Jan is currently the manager of the DevOps team.

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