Version 1.2 – July 2005 release now available!

The latest version release includes the following exciting enhancements:

Version 1.2 July 2005

  • PPO E-Mail Hyperlinking
  • PPO E-Mail Images
  • Calendar Control Upgrade
  • Planning for the Responsible Employee
  • Information Relating to History Records
  • Delete Document
  • Delete User
  • Issue History Information
  • Delete Tasks Multiple
  • Document Linking
  • Printing Issues
  • Post Vision Branding  

PPO E-Mail Hyperlinking – The e-mails generated from PPO now all include a link to the item on PPO within the e-mail text. For example if a new issue is assigned to you and you receive an email from PPO you will be able to click on the link on the e-mail which will take you directly to the issue view page. 

PPO E-Mail Images – The images attached to the email (header) seem to be problematic for users who do not log directly into the domain. These have thus been removed. 

Calendar Control Upgrade – The calendar control has been upgraded to allow easy movement between months and year by simply clicking a single button. In the past users had to select the month from a drop down list now a single click will move you up and down through the months. 

Planning for the Responsible Employee – When a task is added it requires a responsible employee. When doing planning for the task the project manager would have to select the employee that needs to be planned on the task. Previously the first employee in the list (alphabetically) would be the default. It was found that in most cases the responsible person is the employee who is required to be planned. The enhancement now automatically selects the responsible person for planning purposes. 

Information Relating to History Records – Improvements have been done to indicate which user updated the current record and when. This relates to all entities within the application (e.g. Issues, Documents, and Tasks etc). 

Delete Document – Users can now delete document which have been incorrectly loaded onto PPO. 

Delete User  – Users can be deleted from PPO so as to ensure that the current users list remains accurate. 

Issue History Information – The Issues View page has been modified to allow for a quick and easy way to see who updated an issue, when it was updated and what the action / response was for the update. This thus allows you to easily track the important issue information pieces when looking at the issue history. 

Delete Tasks Multiple – The task module has been modified to allow user to delete multiple tasks. Previously user could delete a single task or all the tasks relating to a specific project. This functionality bridges the gap ( 

Document Linking – All entities within PPO (e.g. Risks, Issues or Tasks) can now be linked to documents. The documents to be linked can either be existing PPO documents or new documents can be added. This will enable users to view the documents that are applicable to tasks, issues etc ( 

Printing Issues – Improvements were done to the reports and dashboard to allow for easier printing. Previously some of the reports could not be printed easily due to sheer width of the report. 

Post Vision Branding – PPO has been rebranded in terms of its product logo as well as the company providing the software. Post Vision Technology (Pty) Ltd is now the authorised distributor of the software and this version has been rebranded to reflect this.

Watch this space for more upcoming improvements!


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Author: Jan Uys

Jan was PPO's first employee and has been with Project Portfolio Office for over 10 years. Jan is currently the manager of the DevOps team.

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