PPO Version 3.4.0 – August 2012 Successfully Deployed!

Project Portfolio Office is pleased to announce the introduction of the latest version of the PPO application, bringing its users even greater value and more functionality – and all at no additional cost.

Version 3.4.0 Aug 2012 b

Programme Entity – A new PPO entity has been introduced which allows programme information to be captured and projects to be grouped underneath such programmes. This information can then be used for reporting and analysis purposes (http://support.ppolive.com/entries/21947843)

Renaming of entities – All entities in PPO can now be renamed, e.g. if you prefer Variation Orders to Scope Changes, you now have the ability to do this. This also applies to the new Programme entity (http://support.ppolive.com/entries/20745203)

Additional validation rules We have added two new conditions that you can use with validation rules that significantly broaden the type of validation rules that you can set up without requiring assistance from the technical support team (http://support.ppolive.com/entries/20746033)

Separate Gantt view – A popular request in the past has been to provide a separate Gantt view which provides functionality to zoom in and out, filter the tasks that are shown, etc. The latest release now incorporates this functionality (http://support.ppolive.com/entries/20754062)

Filtered employee list fields – We have introduced functionality to allow you to limit the employees that are shown in employee drop-downs based on a filter. You can for example now restrict the employees listed in the Project Manager Field to only those employees who have a job title of ‘Manager’ (http://support.ppolive.com/entries/20725811)

Consecutive/auto-numbering – A new field type has been introduced which automatically generates a consecutive number (either at a global or at a project level). The numbers are guaranteed to be unique and with no gaps (http://support.ppolive.com/entries/21127678)

Import resources into MSP – A feature has been added to the Microsoft Project Add-In to import your resources from PPO and easily keep them in sync (http://support.ppolive.com/entries/20738802)

Report usage – Administrators often want to see which reports are being used and by whom. We now provide powerful reports to analyse report usage as standard (http://support.ppolive.com/entries/21724682)

Chained filters – We have enhanced the filter functionality around employee, project and programme fields to allow you to set up filters that refer to other filters. You can now for example get a report of all issues where the issue is assigned to an employee that works in your department (http://support.ppolive.com/entries/20725811)

Logical access report – This new report will let you quickly see who has access to what (http://support.ppolive.com/entries/21460528)

Special characters in password – Special characters are now allowed in passwords and administrators can also force this (http://support.ppolive.com/entries/20724501)

Other minor enhancements – Numerous other minor enhancements have been made. Check support.ppolive.com for further details.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and providing further benefits for our future planned upgrades!

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Author: Jimmy Hekma

Jimmy is one of the founders of Project Portfolio Office and is the companies Chief Technology Officer and heads up the Product Management team.

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