New Project Portfolio Office Version 1.4 – January 2006 Release!

Version 1.4 will be the first of several upgrades planned for this year!

Version 1.4 January 2006

Herewith a summary of what has been included in this release:  New Security Mode, Health Indicators on Home Page, Standard Data Fields Upgrade, Logical Access Control, User Group Delete & Filters for Health Indicators.

 New Security Mode

  • A new security mode was added to support non-Windows networks like Novell. This requires users to log onto the system using a specific PPO username and password. Encrypted passwords are stored within PPO’s data stores and appropriate functionality like password changing; password reset and expiry have been added as well

 Health Indicators on Home Page

  • An additional table has been added to the Home Page that will show Health Indicators related to a user on the Home Page, similar to Tasks, Issues and Risks already on this page. This will by default be disabled for client not needing this requirement ( 

Standard Data Fields Upgrade

  • The following data fields have all been changed from custom fields to standard since they were being used by all clients:  Project Objectives and Deliverables, Project Benefits, Project Owner, Task Description, Document Description 

Logical Access Control       

  • The logical access control list has been reviewed and brought more in line with the application functions. The dashboards have moved to their own section on the User Group >> Edit page, similar to reports ( 

User Group Delete  

  • Users with appropriate access to the User Groups functionality on the Administration page will now be able to delete a user group. A Delete User Group icon has been added to the User Group Edit page. This will however disappear when users are allocated to a selected group. This will ensure that system administrators can maintain user groups efficiently ( 

Filters for Health Indicators         

  • Personal, user group and global filters have been implemented for health indicators. These are accessible from the Preferences and Administration pages accordingly
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Author: Jan Uys

Jan was PPO's first employee and has been with Project Portfolio Office for over 10 years. Jan is currently the manager of the DevOps team.

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