New Drop-Downs – here to impress!

Holy Moly, our development team was at it again!

We are rolling out our new enhanced entity drop-down lists – this might seem like a small change to you, but these puppies will be doing all the heavy lifting from now on.

imroved drop down controls

Not only did we make these drop-downs easy on the eye with their improved design, we have also made it so that they are fully searchable – it’s as easy as typing in any part of the list item text within the drop-down, and it will filter the lists for you – voila, you just saved yourself some time (and headaches)!

If you have a large number of projects or employees, you will notice that the new drop-downs are also lightning fast. That is because they load data dynamically in the background as required, significantly improving the user experience.

We hope you love this new functionality as much as we do.

Want a more in depth look at this new enhancement? Click-click here to learn more about the ins and outs of our new entity drop-down lists.

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Author: Tanja Horn

Tanja is the Graphic Designer and Copywriter at PPO. When she isn’t morphing words and pictures to tell stories, she can be found cooking up a storm, exploring nature, or cuddling with her cats and dogs.

6 thoughts on “New Drop-Downs – here to impress!”

  1. As an End user I don’t find the new function helpful or improved at all. In fact the function is more time consuming and an impractical change. One has to now search by almost fully typing the name listed and literally select your choice, thereafter still have to enter into the next Tab before making a selection. Whereby the previous format was quick, simple and easy. One did not have to open the entire list on the tab to make a selection, you could simply type the first 1 or 2 letters and continue scrolling down to the following tabs as the auto-select function would complete the Tabs.

    1. Thanks for your comment and we are always open to feedback from our users. Can you please get in contact with our support ninjas who are standing by to help you through this change. We think with a little one-on-one support we may be able to alleviate the frustration you may be experiencing.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback and glad that this new enhancement is working for you. Awesome suggestion, please access the support portal and log a new post under the Community for our techies to review.

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