Spreading the love on Valentine’s Day

As you know, we at Project Portfolio Office (PPO) are a a social bunch and would use any excuse to get together for some “off-the-clock” time with our fellow teamsters here in South Africa.  That is why we used this past Valentine’s day as a good excuse to put the brakes on the fast pace with which this year has started to sit back and relax with a well-deserved burger braai.

Our own master chef, Geelbooi , was the one who tolerated the African sun to get some scrumptious burgers onto our plates. The healthy eating plans and good intentions for the new year was momentarily forgotten. Our day was also sweetened with some chocolate hearts to add a bit of romance to the day and to set the tone for the weekend to follow.

We love our clients and we hope that you love us too. We look forward to continuously add value and play an integral role in the project success you will experience throughout the year.

Valentines Day Photo Blog

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Author: Gilly Fish

Ailurophobic (fear of cats) synchronised swimmer and PPO office culture observer and correspondent, with a passion for Tweeting.

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