The Eskom Pension and Provident Fund (EPPF) selects PPO for the prioritisation of its numerous projects

Eskom Blog PostsThe Eskom Pension and Provident Fund (EPPF) is the second largest pension fund in South Africa in assets, with a market value of over R113 billion in 2014. The fund provides retirement, withdrawal and disability benefits to its members. It also provides death benefits for its in-service members and pensioners, which are paid to their qualifying beneficiaries.

The EPPF currently has around 90 full-time staff members to carry out the business of administering the fund, including in-house investment management activities.

It has a membership base of around 46,000 in-service members, 3,015 deferred pensioners and over 34,000 pensioners and beneficiaries, as at June 2014.​

The EPPF wants to use Project Portfolio Office (PPO) not only for project and programme management and governance, but mainly for project prioritisation. It has several projects running and has developed a prioritisation model which is used within PPO to determine which projects are the most valuable and which projects need to stay on the back burner.

Once these projects are identified, the EPPF will use PPO to manage, track and report on the different projects that was prioritised.  We are pleased with the EPPF’s utilisation of PPO within the company and know it will be of value by increasing project efficiency within the company.

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