Why PPO rates among the best South African project management tools

Blog feature article.png 3South African businesses, across different industry lines, classifications, organisational types and sizes, have many common characteristics. Yet, all must manage projects, information, human resources, plans, and provide accountability.

For today’s organisations, however, remote online collaboration is a necessity and must include compatibility with a variety of device platforms.

It is a rare achievement to develop a tool with broad application and appeal, one that crosses national boundaries, continents, and cultures.  Neither confined to certain types of business nor limited by organisation size, Project Portfolio Office (PPO) is a versatile project management tool with global appeal. As the first project management software system developed in South Africa, PPO retains this distinction and still stands as a unique local contribution to modern effective management.

PPO highlights

  • Honours and accolades – introduced in 2005, this is one of the preeminent project management tools in South Africa. It has consistently rated amongst the top rated project management software solutions and companies on FindTheBest.com and is to date the only African winner of the prestigious Best of Software as a Service (BoSS) award.
  • Software as a Service – available immediately and on demand to subscribers, PPO is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application. This cloud-based system permits users to outsource all maintenance and upgrades to Project Portfolio Office and focus solely on the benefits of using the software application, which include total management control accessible on demand.
  • Scalable and flexible – PPO accommodates every aspect of project management and the management of a project portfolio. Working in PPO, the project management building blocks are like the stones at the base of a pyramid of success. Planning, resources, milestones and reporting are part of this reliable foundation. Building from a strong base, users have ultimate flexibility and can scale the application, while the system continues to guide the governance and methodology to the achievement of overall project success goals.

PPO is a noteworthy achievement in the project management space for its breadth and depth of potential uses. It supports the requirements of project management, as well as those of an enterprise scale portfolio management system.  As a locally developed South African project management tool, it stands as a point of national pride and excellence, while at the same time attaining the position of a global leader in SaaS. Providing a bridge between the large and small-scale users of this remarkable system,  a broad range of businesses can use the application.

PPO’s functionality extends to the most complex undertakings and project environments, yet remains strikingly simple and direct. You can try out PPO absolutely free for 30 days by just following this link: https://www.go2ppo.com/tryppo/

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