PPO adds Pioneer Foods to its growing FMCG client base

Pioneer Foods Blog Images 1Pioneer Foods is one of the largest producers and distributors in South Africa of a range of food, beverages and related products, for human and animal consumption. There are probably not many households in South Africa without at least one of Pioneer Foods’ products in their kitchen.

Operating across the country, Pioneer Foods provides South Africa with affordable foods of a consistently high safety and nutritional quality, supported by a large, innovative and stable workforce.

The Pioneer Foods enterprise project office was looking for a simple but effective project portfolio management application and chose Project Portfolio Office (PPO) for its true Software as a Service (SaaS) model.  PPO has facilitated improved status reporting, project team collaboration and governance tracking for projects and programmes.

Welcome on board! We are extremely proud to be enabling a leading FMCG company in Africa with globally trusted brands.

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