PBT Group sees enhanced decision making and project visibility with PPO’s project management tool

project management tool

Provider of business intelligence (BI) and information management services, PBT Group’s MEA Business Unit benefitted greatly through improved decision making; thanks to the implementation of PPO, Project Portfolio Office’s secure cloud-based project portfolio management (PPM) application.

According to Andreas Bartsch, programme manager at PBT, following PPO’s project management tool phase one implementation mid-2016, the company saw an immediate value-add. “While the first phase of our rollout limited the use of PPO to around 35 project administrators, project managers, portfolio managers, programme managers and executives, the immediate benefits included a newly gained visibility into our projects. We now have access to knowledge that has changed how we see the world, allowing the organisation to make the best business decisions and focus on the right opportunities; all down to information being a core strategic advantage.”

As a project management tool that can provide companies with greater transparency on the project portfolio, PPO assists businesses like PBT to focus on objectives that build the bottom line, explains Guy Jelley, founder and CEO of Project Portfolio Office. “PPO can streamline collaboration within an organisation, providing project teams and stakeholders with greater visibility of the status of work, projects, programmes and portfolios.”

Following a training session that equipped PBT project managers to start utilising the project management tool, phase two of the implementation was kicked off, ensuring that all project content is accurately reflected and using PPO to manage projects on a day-to-day basis.

“While being a simple and easy-to-use online project management tool, PPO has provided some additional, unexpected benefits to our project managers,” Bartsch adds. “Positive feedback has been received on the availability of accurate, consistent and professional project reports for clients, and anywhere, anytime online access to project statuses, as well as visibility of project inter-dependencies. PPO reflects a single version of the truth, something that is of key importance to PBT’s intercontinental projects across Africa and the Middle East.

“As we continue down the path with PPO, our focus will shift to the quality of content, optimal configuration and maximum utilisation of the solution in alignment with our business processes,” says Bartsch. “We will also emphasise the accuracy and availability of supporting documentation and improved governance.”

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