We stand together on this Day of Reconciliaton

The Day of Reconciliation came into effect in 1994 and marked the end of apartheid and the started the journey of forgiveness.  This date has however been a historical day in our history as it was previously celebrated as the Day of the Vow. This year, after the passing of our Madiba, I think it fitting that the initial intention of this day, being national unity and the fostering of reconciliation, be expressed by all (man and fish).

Today we celebrate the  triumph of our present over our past, and we enjoy the common patriotism as we embrace the dream that Mr Nelson Mandela had for our country.   As this festive season draws us into a time of reflection, lets take a moment to contemplate that facing the challenges for 2014 together are so much more important than dealing with out minor differences. Less blaming and more blessing will ensure that peace and stability endure.

2013.12.16 Day of Reconcilliation


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Author: Gilly Fish

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