PPO before and after

It took months of preparation and buckets of sweat, but finally the office was ready for the grand reveal. The extreme makeover was unveiled earlier this month at an intimate cocktail party attended by staff, family and friends. The theme for the event was “here is the before, now come see the after”! With this in mind I had one of the creative teamsters put together a fun clip of the transformation to loop on the big screen to show just how far we have come. To invoke feelings of jealousy for the amazing offices I get to swim in daily, click here to experience life at PPO.

Don’t take our word for it, join us for a cappuccino to see for yourself! Rick Venter, consultant at Business Connexion said “the first time I walked into the new PPO Offices, I was struck by the striking new design and vibrant colors of the environment. The layout shouted innovation and creativity, and accentuated the spirit of the team working there”. It’s not only our partners and clients that are gushing about our new office but our staff  think it’s amazing too. I overheard a staff member chirping to a friend over the phone “it’s the most yellow and purple you will ever see in one open space, which is a remarkable relief from the dreaded beige cube farm”!

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