The benefits of task management software

image_thebenefitsoftaskA growing awareness of the  benefits that cloud computing can bring to business has had a significant  impact on the way companies operate – both on an international and local level.

In fact ,cloud computing is  responsible for the growth of Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings in almost  all applications, allowing organisations to subscribe and utilise a hosted,  online service for a variable number of users, who may also be distributed  across multiple locations.

By going the SaaS route, companies  are spared the, often considerable, expense of purchasing software licenses and  the required hardware and infrastructure to run these applications. In  addition, the time and effort involved in maintaining and upgrading the  software and hardware are no longer necessary. Instead, these concerns become  the exclusive responsibility of the service provider.

As a result of this shift, a  growing number of businesses are now using online task management software in  order to manage and run their projects. Through the innovative use of this technology,  much of the planning, management, tracking and reporting on project tasks can  now be handled efficiently online with the aid of this task management  software. The virtual workspace now offered by some service providers supports  a broad portfolio of services from which the user may select those most  relevant to his or her operational needs.

As a virtual task management tool,  Project Portfolio Office includes a wide breath of functionality. It was designed  by project specialists with an in-depth knowledge and experience of the  collaborative needs of a project team when successfully running and delivering  projects. Despite the powerful functionality, the task management software is  exceptionally user-friendly and its intuitive interface is simple to use.

While allowing individual team  members to work on their own specifically assigned tasks, the application  provides continuous oversight so that the actual status of both individual and  collaborative efforts can be precisely determined at any time. This enables  existing resources to be re-assigned or additional resources to be deployed  timeously in support of those tasks that require changes.

In managing a project, the  combination of a powerful application, used and accessed remotely, clearly  provides a far more cost-effective solution when compared with a capital  purchase. In fact, as a subscriber to Project Portfolio Office (PPO) you are  required to pay only for the actual subscription to the service, adding immense  flexibility. In addition, the thin client structure serves to reduce the load  on network and hardware resources making this enterprise-wide task management  software service doubly valuable to all organisations worldwide.

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Author: Guy Jelley

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