Ellerines Holdings Limited enhancing project management processes with PPO

In order to centralise documentation availability and improve IT resource and project visibility, furniture retail group, Ellerines Holdings Limited’s (EHL) IT department is rolling out Post Vision Technology’s Project Portfolio Office (PPO) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) project management solution.ellerines

Sean van Rooyen, MD of PPO partner, PM.Ideas, says that the organisation will be utilising PPO to standardise its processes, centralise documentation and improve resource allocation and availability. “In addition to these objectives, EHL Group IT will use PPO to facilitate reporting, enhance decision making and track lessons learned. PPO will also allow for detail planning, thus enabling better project execution.”  PPO users at EHL Group IT will include project managers, business analysts, management and IT staff. The solution will be used to manage both IT projects and IT service requests.

According to Guy Jelley, Post Vision Technology CEO, as a single, centralised communication portal with key information on strategic context, project focus, individual project health and progress made on the project portfolios, PPO is the ideal project management solution for EHL Group IT. “PPO will not only provide a range of reporting functionalities, it will also give EHL Group IT users a quick and easy view of all projects.  “Furthermore, as an enterprise capable solution which brings together all the elements of typical projects, PPO will allow EHL Group IT to make decisions on a more tactical level, to become more strategic in planning and manage and mitigate risks.”

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