PMO Insights Report

A Survey & Analysis of Project Offices in South Africa

PMO Insights Report: A Survey and Analysis of Project Office in South Africa

Project Portfolio Office (PPO), project portfolio management (PPM) software provider and thought leader, is pleased to announce the launch of the PMO Insights Report, the first ever comprehensive survey and analysis of project management offices (PMO) in South Africa.

While institutions like the Project Management Institute (PMI) & Association of Project Management (APM) conduct annual surveys (Pulse of the Profession & State of Project Management) capturing the thoughts, experiences and project management practices of project practitioners across the globe there is simply not enough data for local PMOs.

We know that the value of a PMO lies in its maturity, but we’re seeing that running a PMO today is more difficult than ever. Organisations are involved in rapid and constant change on a scale we’ve never seen or experienced. How then do our PMOs mature and add value in the current environment and address disrupters like Agile?

South African Landscape

The South Africa project management landscape and needs are unique and PMO leaders and executives are faced with different challenges locally when compared to the rest of the world. That said we believe our PMOs are able to compete on an international level and we hope that the survey will allow PMOs to benchmark themselves against both local and international PMO’s. The survey is methodology neutral and the term PMO is being used as a catch-all for all types of project offices from PMOs to Project and Programme offices, EPOs, strategy offices and other formal and informal structures involved in the broad discipline of project management.

It will be interesting to find out, among other things, where do South Africa PMOs typically reside, whether business or PMOs deliver strategic projects, what our PMO executives believe are maturity is and what value they receive from our PMOs.

The online survey is open to all PMO leaders & executives, PMO Managers, Portfolio and Programmes that are involved in PMOs in South Africa and we hope to get input from over 400 public and private sector organisations. We believe the results could be both enlightening and valuable to the future development of PMOs in South Africa and hope that this becomes an annual survey which will benefit our PMOs for years to come.

We aim to publish the “PMO Insights Report” in early 2019 and will provide benchmark results to all of those who participate.