Analytics & Insights

Leverage out-of-the-box reports and dashboards for a consolidated or single focus and make better decisions with real-time visibility of project, programme and portfolio performance.

Smarter decision making with real-time insights

Analyse projects and programmes to quickly spot trends and emerging issues.

Generate out-of-the-box reports & dashboards

Share and send reports to keep stakeholders in the loop.

Build your own Reports & Dashboards with our BI API

Increased flexibility to manage changing stakeholder information needs.

Smarter Decision Making with Real-Time Insights

Consolidate key information with single-focus reports or summarised graphical dashboards.

Generate out-of-the-box reports & dashboards

Track portfolio health, and monitor project performance and other KPIs with detailed history & trend reporting. Export reports and dashboards to PDF or Excel

Configurable Home Page Views

Visualise and customise your home page views based on your data needs.

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