Author: Estie Van der Watt

Estie ensures potential clients can envision themselves as part of the PPO family by merging their processes and requirements with our awesome application during the sales cycle. Apart from creating world peace, her hobbies include photography, horse riding, birding and spending time with her furry children.

Demystifying the PPO health indicators

A PPO functionality that’s widely misunderstood (and misused) is the health indicators feature. The health indicators (also referred to as RAG, or red-amber-green indicators) are manually updated by the project manager and used primarily for project status reporting, aimed at measuring progress, identifying the need for corrective action, and for managing stakeholder expectations. If health … Continue reading "Demystifying the PPO health indicators"

Still waiting for your first portfolio review? Here’s what you’re missing out on!

One of the key reasons that PPM tools are implemented is to allow management the ability to perform portfolio reviews anytime and from anywhere. Portfolio reviews allow organisations to ensure there is a balanced selection of opportunities in the portfolio, hold project offices accountable for delivery, provide support to project teams and deliver credible project … Continue reading "Still waiting for your first portfolio review? Here’s what you’re missing out on!"

How to avoid death by process

Most of us relish the idea of “death by chocolate”. What a wonderful way to go! But when it comes to being smothered by something, professionals in the project space more often than not feel stifled by processes…not nearly as delightful as chocolate. So, why do we often feel that our processes and methodologies are … Continue reading "How to avoid death by process"