PPO Celebrates Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is abuzz here at PPO today. We challenged our team to dress for the occasion and offered a mystery prize for the best dressed. The teamsters in SA came dressed as their grand sparkly selves (as they usually do), with a little twist of romance. We decided in all fairness, that there were a few candidates who qualified for the prize, but ultimately there could be only one winner.

Resorting to the ancient wisdom of “Rock Paper Scissors”, the finalist battled it out until we had a victor. Our champion walked away with an amazing prize, while the rest of us celebrated the day with decadent array of red velvet cupcakes.

We wish you all a fun filled Valentine’s Day brimming with sweetness and delectable friendships!


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Author: Gilly Fish

Ailurophobic (fear of cats) synchronised swimmer and PPO office culture observer and correspondent, with a passion for Tweeting.

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