Something new is on the horizon

PPO is getting a fresh new look.
Let’s jump into the whats, hows, and whys.

Bye bye action icons, hello action buttons and menus
22 Feb 2020

As part of our initiative to modernise and improve the PPO user interface we are saying goodbye to the action icons and introducing a sleek and clean new look. Learn More

New powerful filter control for PPO
25 Jan 2020

All lists / tables in PPO now have a single, powerful filter control which replaces the previous list criteria dropdown boxes. Learn More

Visualise your data with colour coded custom lists & percentage fields
12 Sept 2019

Introducing our new more colourful percentage fields as well as colour coded custom list items. Users are now able to use colour to highlight project phase, issue overdue status, risk overdue status, etc. Learn More

What are sticky menus & column headings?
30 Aug 2019

Just like the title says! Sticky, or fixed navigation that is locked into place so that it does not disappear when users scroll down the page. This new functionality makes for quicker navigation and is available on all pages for both desktop and mobile devices. This functionality is not supported by Internet Explorer browsers. We recommend switching over to Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

New Skins And Custom Skin Functionality
9 Jul 2019

We are excited to announce the ability for users to create their own custom skins / colour schemes in PPO. Learn More

Report styling changes
7 May 2019

We've introduced a few styling changes to PPO reports and dashboards. Users can expect to see minor changes to font-sizes and weights, a new default color palette for charts/graphs and charts will be rendered in 2D (instead of 3D) by default.

PPO has a new set of icons!
6 March 2019

The redesign of PPO's icons to glyphicons is a move toward simplicity. Our new icons are supported in all browsers and flexible in terms of our new responsive design. We've got a handy reference card to help you adjust.
Learn More

Fresh Updates to Styling
21 Jan 2019

Get ready for a more consistent look with our latest styling changes which includes, fonts, hyperlinks and other page design elements.

Wait…is that a redesigned main menu?
21 Nov 2018

Get around faster with fewer clicks with our new redesigned main menu
Learn More

Font, Layout & Input Controls
16 Oct 2018

We've introduced a new font, reactive screen layout, improved the multiple edit functionality and standardised on input controls.
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Don't you just hate horizontal scroll bars?
16 Oct 2018

Scrolling from left to right breaking your flow of work? With some tweaks to all lists in PPO, horizontal scroll bars have been eliminated forever!
Learn More

Our Brand New Login Page
16 Oct 2018

Ta-da! You are seeing PPO's brand new login page - we hope you like it!
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It’s official - PPO is getting a fresh, NEW look!
2 Oct 2018

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing the changes for PPO’s user interface face-lift project. The face-lift will introduce a fresh new look for PPO’s user interface, as well as several new features.
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