Guiding Principles

PMO Forum

The forum welcomes membership across the project portfolio management (PPM) community and specifically:

  • PMO practitioners, who enable, support and ensure the delivery of change at a project / programme / portfolio level
  • Senior project and programme managers, interested in getting a better understanding of how their PMOs can contribute to improved delivery and realisation of organisational value
  • People in strategy or business enablement functions/positions, who form the critical link between strategy planning and execution.
  • People in senior leadership positions, who are interested in getting a better understanding of the services offered by PMOs and the potential benefits for their organisation.

The forum is intended to be a well-governed, professional environment that is beneficial for all participants. As such, there is a set of expectations surrounding member participation, and associated rules, as outlined below:

  • Attendance is limited to active PMO leaders and senior practitioners to ensure a consistent and appropriate level of interaction.
  • Participation at forum sessions is by invitation only.
  • Should a participant wish to include a client or colleague on the invitation list, within the above-mentioned parameters, the details should be submitted via the Get Invited Sign Up Form
  • The PMO Forum is privileged to have a sponsor, allowing participation of members and supply of venue and refreshments at no charge. It is therefore a requirement that all attendees comply with the RSVP requirements by observing the RSVP date, and then honour their commitment by attending or by cancelling their attendance in writing no later than 48 hours prior to the session in question.
  • Should an attendee commit to attending, then not attend without prior cancellation on two occasions in any given one-year time-frame, their name will be removed from the invitation list for future events.
  • The value of the Forum lies in the engagement, networking and sharing that such an opportunity affords. Participants are therefore encouraged to attend the full two-hour session to participate in meaningful table discussions. Should members not be able to attend the full two hour session, they are encouraged not to register for an event.
  • Forum members are encouraged to:
    • Identify relevant presentation themes.
    • Identify opportunities, resources, collaborations, etc. which could benefit the greater Forum and its participants.
    • Nominate and / or lobby with potential speakers
    • Provide interesting articles, publications, research reports or other documentation that could benefit fellow participants as session hand-outs
    • Maintain their interest over time. Should any participant not attend any PMO Forum events to which they have been invited in a one-year period, their name will be removed from the member database.
    • Contribute to the relevance, growth and sustainability of the Forum by providing feedback with recommendations after each session.
  • Slide hand-outs from presentations will only be distributed to members who attended the session.

By accepting an invitation to PMO Forum events, participants agree to uphold the guiding principles as defined.