PMO Awards Adjudicator Confidentiality Agreement

As a JUDGE, your role is to draw on your expertise to fairly and reasonably assess the project management office (PMO) team’s efforts in the six criteria of the competition. A scoring tool will be made available to assess the entrants. Judging will be done virtually and the approximate time commitment is 6 to 16 hours from July to November.

How does it work?

The competition is made up of an Interview and Evaluation stage. Each entrant is judged by a panel of no less than three neutral judges (i.e. judge should not be an employee, consultant or have any active engagements with the entering PMO; judges should not have other obvious conflicts of interest.)  The top three highest scoring entrants will advance to the Evaluation stage which will be judged by the international judging panel.


  • Judges are expected to ask insightful questions that target the PMO’s response to the evaluation criteria.
  • Judges should not discuss their scoring decisions until the finalist announcement has been made.
  • Judges should refrain from providing feedback or recommendations during the interview.
  • Judges are expected to provide clear commentary and actionable recommendations to support their evaluation and scoring assessment.


  • FNZ
  • DTB Bank Tanzania PLC
  • Central Bank of Lesotho

I declare that my role as adjudicator of this PMO Awards submission does not present a conflict of interest. I agree to keep the submitted information and adjudication score confidential and to refer any enquiries regarding the scoring and adjudication process to

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