Lead Referral Programme

Terms and Conditions

  1. The lead referral form must be completed to qualify.
  2. Referrals resulting in a sale of new subscriptions will receive notification from PPO upon successful completion of the sale.
  3. The lead provider will receive 10% commission on the value of the sale, based on the number of active subscriptions for the first year (12 months) of subscription after the sale and calculated per active user per month.
  4. Referral incentives vary depending on the size of the deal, e.g. R10 000 is based on 20 active users at the current published subscription rate on the PPO website
  5. Commission is payable quarterly of which the first payment is due 3 months from the subscription date
  6. Commission will be stopped if the referred client cancels subscription or defaults on the payment of subscription of invoices.
  7. Commission is payable in the currency in which the referred client is billed.
  8. Referral commission is taxable.
  9. All individuals and companies have the opportunity to participate in the PPO lead referral programme with the exception of PPO staff and partners.