Faster project portfolio delivery while dealing with COVID-19

One step closer to improved portfolio visibility & better project selection & prioritisation!

What we’re doing to help

Organisations haven’t stopped working on projects but they have been forced to rethink strategies to focus on new challenges. Many organisations are using the current climate to embrace technology that will help them to centralise portfolio and project data, decide which projects to prioritise,  track progress, collaborate effectively and optimise resources. PPO can help you – right now – by providing a comprehensive overview of your portfolio, allowing you to select and streamline projects based on the best current business outcomes, carefully allocate resources, and more.

Solving these real-life challenges…


Provide virtual project teams with a centralised, real time view of all current projects, with the added benefit of updates available as-and-when statuses are changed, regardless of physical location.


Get the right people working on the right projects to minimise scheduling conflicts for both project and non-project activities and gain a full picture of your organisation’s capacity versus demand, with full visibility into teams’ availability and utilisation.


Collect new ideas, projects and manage this demand for new project requests via a single entry point in order to track and evaluate new project proposals.


Online approval mechanism for projects, stage gates, documents, scope changes and more, with e-mail driven, real time alerts of approval decision, including, most importantly, a full audit log and history of approval information.

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