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Automated Report Scheduling now available to PPO Admins

Scheduling report mailers is a feature that has been around for a couple of years now. I’ll assume for just a minute that not everyone is aware of this time-saving feature. This feature automates the scheduling of existing PPO reports or dashboards to a specified list of users at a defined frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

Build your own Reports and Dashboards with the launch of PPO’s BI API

Today, we take a giant leap forward with the introduction of this highly anticipated feature. We’re launching the PPO Business Intelligence (BI) API, making it possible for you to build your own reports and dashboards by easily connecting your PPO data to your BI reporting tool of choice.

What’s new in PPO: interactive Gantt views, improved filter controls and more


The improved filtering, column drag and drop on list pages and the interactive Gantt view marks the introduction of the first PPO widget. It’s the start of a fundamental shift away from the silo approach of working in PPO and with the move to more widgets in the upcoming months, you can expect more integrated and customisable views.

Is there really a way to address resource allocation, planning & utilisation?

resource allocation
Every day at Project Portfolio Office (PPO) we have the pleasure of working with organisations that use a variety of methodologies and tools, and that cover almost all industries and sectors. The one common factor amongst all of these organisations is that they have committed to moving their businesses forward by embracing project management. Some … Continue reading "Is there really a way to address resource allocation, planning & utilisation?"

What Is a Project?

With the growth and change in different work management practices such as a more agile approach to delivery, lean management and even hybrid or flexible working models, locations, and hours, the definition of what is or not a project is something that our clients ask us all the time.

Save time setting up shared filters

If you’re a Project Portfolio Office (PPO) Administrator and your super power is saving time, then you’re in luck with this latest feature. Ever created a personal filter but intended for it be a shared filter? Or tested report results with various filters only to have to re-create them once you’re done?