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Introducing Colour Coding on Key Metrics!

With the introduction of the Key Metric Widget we promised additional improvements and asked you to keep sending us your ideas. Good news! We have delivered on this promise! You can now apply different colours to your Key Metrics based on certain conditions or ranges.

Missed the What’s new in PPO webinar? Watch the recording…

While we’re being honest, our DevOps team loves the excitement of bringing our clients new features, but the real reward is in seeing our users adopt new ways of work and improve collaboration within their PMOs. And that’s where the PPO Product Webinars come in. Whether you’re just getting started with PPO, or you’re a seasoned user, there’s always something new to discover and ways to improve! So make sure that you’ve “saved the date” for this year’s remaining product webinars.

Part 2: How to Improve Data Quality through Additional Metrics and Monitoring

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we discussed the what, the why and the how of Data Quality. We are now going to expand on that by giving you examples of metrics and monitoring that have been implemented by our clients on their Data Quality journey. The monitoring dashboard in PPO is a great tool to use to evolve your Data Quality metrics. The standard Monitoring Dashboard already provides some of the basic metrics to ensure that your users are logging in and updating PPO as required. We can help you take this further and tailor the metrics to support the monitoring that you would like to do

Part 1: Data Quality – The What, The Why, The How

Data Quality ensures that information on hand in PPO is up to date and relevant. It is a measure the PMO can use to ensure that reporting is thorough and regularly done. It is also a tool that the Project Manager can use to consistently manage their project professionally and according to the reporting standard of the project management office (PMO).

Lessons from Montserrat: A PMO in the shadow of volcanoes

Martin Parlett, Head of the PMO for the government of Montserrat, a Caribbean island, recently shared his ‘Lessons in Focus’ for project management offices (PMOs), highlighting that, wherever they may be based, and whatever they may be trying to achieve, the challenges for PMOs across the globe are common.

Managing Progress, Timelines & Tasks in PPO

Delivering projects more often than not involves multiple resources who need defined activities with a clear start and end date to get the work done. The hardest part is usually communicating and managing progress and timelines to your stakeholders. And that’s where PPO comes in. PPO enables project teams to see all of a project’s tasks in one place and is a great tool for the real-time reporting of project progress.

A new Key Metric Widget is now available on List Pages

So far, we’ve brought you the Chart Widget (Donuts & Tree maps) and visualising and interacting your lists has never been easier. But it hasn’t stopped there. Our new Key Metric Widget is the latest widget and it’s inching us closer to a configurable home page.

Introducing Conversations on Time Entries, Marking Items as Unread and Automated Emails for Unread Feed Items

Since launching Conversations in 2022, it’s become a popular collaboration feature among project teams. So, we’ve added an improvement that will make your day-to-day life easier, specifically for capturing Time Entries. You’ll notice that when the “Items I updated this week” filter under Options is applied on the Time Entries page, your time sheet is pre-populated with items where you’ve started or replied to a Conversation, in addition to the entity updates.

Pick up where you left off after session time-out

Ever lose track of time and experience a session time out and lose data? Well, you’re not the only one and we’ve got you covered! Now, with our latest feature, you can easily get back to what you were working on as PPO now remembers and restores your data on add and edit pages for 24 hours.

Check out the 60-second video that demonstrates this awesome time saving feature.