Author: Daniel Rutherfoord-Jones

Pick up where you left off after session time-out

Ever lose track of time and experience a session time out and lose data? Well, you’re not the only one and we’ve got you covered! Now, with our latest feature, you can easily get back to what you were working on as PPO now remembers and restores your data on add and edit pages for 24 hours.

Check out the 60-second video that demonstrates this awesome time saving feature.

Try filtering and adding charts using RAG fields!

The table widget (that’s the widget that brought you improved filtering on list pages) is one of our core widgets and based on user feedback, we’ve added the ability to filter all list Pages using RAG (Red, Amber & Green) fields. Plus, this improvement extends to the chart widget! You can now add charts using RAG fields to your list pages.

Introducing Markdown

This video introduces markdown which allows user to apply formatting to text in PPO. e.g. add bulleted lists, bold text, apply italics or headings. We do our very best to make PPO better every day, so we’d love to hear your feedback on these latest enhancements. Don’t forget to let us know if you have … Continue reading “Introducing Markdown”